"Lynn Loosier not only sings from her soul...her soul sings. You can hear the depth of her journey, both her joys and her sorrows in the melody, voice and delivery of her music. Lynn's style is a wonderful blend of genres; country, soul, gospel and pop. Something for everyone. What a blessed experience!"

~ Bishop Yvette Flunder
Senior Pastor, City of Refuge, United Church of Christ San Francisco CAResiding Bishop, Refuge Ministries/Fellowship 2000

"Lynn Loosier has been a client and colleague of mine for several years now. More importantly, Lynn is one of the singers I enjoy listening to when I'm NOT working. Her ability to deliver the picture of what she's singing about straight to the heart of the listener is a gift most singers simply don't possess. And that, in my opinion, is the difference between singing and painting with one's voice."

~ Jan Smith, Owner
Jan Smith Studios, Inc.
Homegirl Music Publishing

"As Pastors' we want the best in worship for our congregations. Lynn Loosier is simply the best when it comes to excellence in music ministry. Her outstanding vocal talent has the ability to bring you and your congregation into the depth of the presence of God. Welcoming Lynn Loosier to your Church's music ministry is without a doubt. a must."

~ Rev. Paul Graetz, Senior Pastor
First Metropolitan Community Church of Atlanta

"The door of Heaven seems to open and we see a glimpse of God when Lynn sings. The busyness of life seems to stop, and we hear the spirit of God say to us in Lynn's music. listen and know I am your God. Lynn's voice fills our hearts with the joy, the peace and the love of Jesus. Thanks be to God."

~ Rev Phillip Thomason
Director of Outreach Ministries
St. Mark Methodist Church Atlanta, GA

"Celtic Christians have what they call 'thin' places. Places where the presence of God can powerfully penetrate our lives with love and grace. When Lynn Loosier sings in our worship service she is a "thin place"!"

The Orthodox faith uses images or icons of Jesus and other biblical characters as windows into the heart and mind of God. They are windows that let the light of God into our lives and allow us to look into God's heart and mind. When Lynn sings in our worship she is just such a window.

~ Pastor Ron de Groot
Florham Park, NJ

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